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50 Pcs | Matt White Aluminium Doypack

    50 Pcs | Matt White Aluminium Doypack


      Matt White Aluminum Doypack has a matte appearance with a velvety texture thanks to the flat material we use on the surface layer of its 3-layer structure. The aluminium foil lamination we employ in the middle has a high barrier feature. It provides a high level of protection to your product against the light as well as oxygen and water vapour. It is one of the most valuable helpers for maintaining the freshness of the first day of your product throughout its shelf life. Attracts the consumer with its perfect stance on the shelf, velvet texture and white colour.

      💫Suitable for direct food contact. 💫 Produced with 3-layer laminated. 💫 Draws attention on the shelf. 

      💫 Preserves the first-day freshness of your product throughout its shelf life. 💫 Fillable without creating any waste 💫 Designed to protect your product against dust, oxygen, odour and moisture. 

      💫 Reclosable zip-lock system. 💫 Valve can be applied. 💫 Provides product safety. 

      💫 Easy-opening notch and heat-sealing feature. 💫 Suitable for direct food contact.💫 Thanks to its lightweight design, provides logistics advantages.

      💫 Easy to fill.💫 Can be custom printed.💫 Environmentally friendly.